Whatever your reason, levelling up your masculine energy is simple when you know how to do it properly. Professional boxers have specific habits that they implement in the moments leading up to a fight that get them in peak mental condition to win. By encouraging your masculine energy to grow you will feel increased drive, focus, libido, and will find yourself overcoming challenges in your life like you never thought possible. An intense workout filled with heavy weights, body weight exercises, and different forms of challenging your body will put you into your masculine faster than almost anything else. Vigorous exercise gives you an endorphin rush, a boost of testosterone production, and allows you to sweat out all of your stresses. Focus on compound and body weight exercises squats, dead lifts, pull ups, pushups for maximum masculine energy. When you physically do something, your mind follows. For example, when you smile a big goofy smile it gives your brain a small surge of dopamine happy chemicals.

8 Powerful Exercises To Increase Your Masculine Energy

You date endlessly, but the outcome is always the same: a handful of dates that seldom progress past the exchange of formalities. There is nothing wrong with being single. You can be a total catch and choose not to be in a relationship. If so, this article is not intended for you. Everyone possesses masculine energy and feminine energy and we fluctuate between both.

Masculine and feminine energies are not based on gender. Any person, male or female, can embody either energy. What’s most important to make the law of.

Some may not think masculine energy can be intense or even scary at times. Whilst Feminism has done some great things for us, it has also made women quite domineering with a tendency to castrate men with a single look. It destroys the virility and spirit in men. When I was in Law School, girls used to talk about how some powerful women had their man by the balls.

Neither is the notion of gender differences. Yes, we are all people, but there exists in every one of us, a combination of two energies.

Are you carrying Masculine or Feminine energy in your relationship?

Masculine energy is like about action, giving, decision- making, and problem solving, and assertiveness. Feminine energy is more about being, feeling, receiving, vulnerability, and openness. Masculine energy is more about being in the moment instead of doing.

This is because if you have a masculine man that you’re dating or in a relationship with, he would like to be the pre-dominant (main, dominant.

This is an incredible success story that we can all learn from. I had made a profile on a local dating site, and couple of months ago a very nice young gentleman found me. I made a point of leaning back, being in my feminine energy, and letting him initiate everything. I had to pay attention to how I was behaving, and still, it felt really good. And it worked! This guy describes himself as the quiet, shy, non-assertive type — and yet, with me, he was incredibly masculine and assertive and really went for it and he was surprised to discover this side of himself!

He planned all the dates, he paid, he made the reservations, he picked the places, he carried my stuff, he dealt with the cab drivers, he sent me romantic texts in between dates, he initiated every single kiss, and more…. It went really well, and I felt very happy and I made sure to tell him that and show appreciation. Thank you, Helena, for teaching us all how to do it.

How Masculine and Feminine Energies Impact Relationships

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: Dating Advice: How To Unleash Your Masculine Energy – Attract Women, Get A Girlfriend & Seducing Women (): Brandson, Jude:​.

If you learn how to be in your feminine energy you will start to see a huge shift in the type of men you attract and the lengths they will go to in order to be with you. Before I really get into things I want to say, this is not about playing a game, manipulating, or using men in any way. Sexual polarity is what creates passion, attraction, and intimacy.

You see there can only be one alpha in a relationship. Alpha men want to be the one in charge of the relationship. They want to plan, lead, handle, make the decisions, and be the pursuer. This alpha man is most attracted to his polar opposite energy. Which is… feminine energy. Feminine energy is: responding, feeling, connecting to your heart, expressing yourself, being present, trusting, allowing, being in your body, and receiving.

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Free Resources. June 04, 5 min read. I then spent the next 5 years as a single, sassy, career-focused, badass boss babe while riding an emotional rollercoaster of growth, self-discovery and epic Tinder fails. A few years into that journey, I discovered the world of personal development and was instantly hooked. One of my biggest light bulb moments and the one I want to share with you today, came from my learning about the Masculine and Feminine energies and how they influence our intimate relationships.

Masculine, her attraction starts with feeling emotionally connected and safe energy then moves dating a more physical attraction. Be present for her. Pursue Ask.

The only difference now is that there are greater opportunities and avenues in which to express it. Unfortunately, some men. Unfortunately, some men can find the idea and reality of dating a strong and independent woman intimidating. The misconceptions around what these women need and expect is confusing, and when human beings are confused it can have a negative impact on the ultimate goals trying to be achieved.

In this case, that goal is love and companionship. The advice that we want to impart today is the necessity of staying true to your masculine energy, whatever that feels like for you. Regardless of who is standing in front of you, the one thing you must be, always, is exactly who you are. Chivalry is allowed Chivalry is a behaviour that time and time again men refrain from, for fear of it being interpreted as patronising or even insulting.

Any woman who is insulted, feels belittled or threatened by having a man pull out a chair or open a door, will have her own self-work that needs to take place. If a core part of your masculine energy is about offering protection or security to the other people around you, then embrace this. There is little wrong with wanting to help the woman in your life, improve a situation or make something right that has gone wrong.

5 Traits Of Attractive Women Who Know How To Capture A Guy’s Attention

I feel like in straight relationships, women typically display the more receptive, quiet feminine energy while the guy has the more forward-moving, masculine energy. A lot of guys are driven away by that but surprisingly, the more sensitive, emotional guys seem to be able to handle it. I can never just sit back and enjoy the moment and it can be pretty annoying to the guys I date. A lot of guys are unfortunately intimidated by my ability to debate and prove them wrong, which is why I only get along with highly intelligent guys.

Oct 29, – Here’s how & why you need to surrender to masculine Energy.​There’s no denying it; the masculine energy is intense. In fact, masculine energy is.

During the courtship process, women need to understand the role of masculine energy and be certain not to take it on. Unfortunately, it has become too common that women step into masculine energy, even when they desire to be feminine, which leads them to become the pursuer instead of the one being pursued. A woman acting in her masculine energy is a woman chasing and texting the man, following him on social media, obsessing over and committing to him before he steps up to claim her and the relationship.

No woman wants to be in that position, but many who come to me have been deeply disconnected from their feminine energy and have learned to “wear the pants” in relationships because they feel unsafe, unseen, unheard, misunderstood, and unprotected by masculine energy around them. This can often mean then that men experience women who are hardened, masculine, nagging, controlling to death, cold, stiff, and in competition with them to see who the “real man” is instead of being in devotion and expressive of their deeply feminine, radiant, devoted selves.

Polarity then begins to disappear, and often with it, attraction, connection and desire.

The law of polarity in relationships

A man will be attracted dating stay attracted to a woman when protect enjoys her company. Men want someone in their lives who masculine passionate about them and passionate about life. That is why flirting is so important at every stage of a relationship.

Have you heard of masculine and feminine energy? Find out how it effects your dating life and the men you attract. What do feminine women.

Try these: time management relationship advice healthy lifestyle money wealth success leadership psychology. Is there a single law that explains how the universe works? Understanding the law of polarity is essential to living a fulfilling and happy life. The energy you put out into the world matters — not only to and for your relationships, but to all of your life goals. Think of the North and South Poles on a globe or a battery with its negative and positive terminals.

Everything in the universe has an opposite. Everything is dual. Could you know happiness without sadness? Is there love without pain? Dark without light? And in relationships, is there sexual attraction without opposing energies? In fact, the law of polarity is also called the law of opposites. It means that forces come in pairs: negative and positive, action and reaction, masculine and feminine. You can not only nurture certain energies within yourself, but also use the law of attraction to draw other energies to you — like a magnet.

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